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loader/ mattress builder/ panel quilter operator

  • Works with a partner to take the pre-staged parts of the mattress
  • Ensure safety, quality and productivity standards are met
  • Work close with team to create a flow
  • Lift an encased coil spring mattress assembly (40-45 lbs. each) from the floor and place it onto the waist high table
  • Tended one or more automatic, multiple needle sewing machines (“quilters”) that quilt layers of materials used to make quilted panels or borders
  • Removes mattresses and box springs from bagging machine and wheels to the loading dock


  • Overvied staff working in a timely matter.
  • Took charge of truck schedules.
  • Statigically placed team members based on skill sets.
  • Picked up slack when nessesary and helped team members in need.
  • Kept labor costs in good standing.
  • Loaded trucks in ways to make sure everything fit.

loader / unloader

  • Maximized truck space by loading efficiently.
  • Read and attached appropriate labels and tags to products and packages for identification purposes.
  • Returned unused or empty pallets back to correct warehouse space.
  • Loaded trailer truck with forklifts to drop freight.


  • Grab bundles of wood and load them to be processed
  • Wrap finished bundles properly
  • Use a sit down forklift to load or move pallets (unfinished or finished)
  • Lift boxes carefully and correctly to ensure that product inside boxes are not damaged.


  • Moving and organizing products from inventory to pallets in a quick paced environment.
  • Operating heavy machinery throughout the warehouse.
  • Occasionally load trucks to increase productivity to fulfill orders faster.
  • Maintaining steady pace working with a large group of people working toward the same goal.
  • Listening to commands through a headset to get the product and double check the amount of items to certify the order is correct.