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embedded software engineer

  • Integrating libraries and fixing bugs and errors for AUTOSAR compliant code.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.
  • Performed testing on software to uncover bugs and issues.
  • Followed a specific workflow that included :working with ticketing System, reporting problems to clients, documenting and maintaining requirements.

embedded software engineer

  • Enhanced and developed the embedded C code for NXP M4 processor based smartrise controller board. 
  • Controlled and updated RTC time to the beagle bone controller from front end, beagle bone starts counting time and updated to the shield (Beagle Bone, Beagle bone shield, API, Embedded C , WinSCP, MCUxpresso IDE).
  • Developed tester software to pick out the bad module boards instantly.  
  • Developed load weighing system module for existing elevator controller to estimate the load of elevator. Analyzed and monitored the data packets with USB logic Analyzer and Salea Software.  
  • Troubleshooted real time smartrise controller issues and drive faults on site. 

senior embedded software engineer

  • EcuM configuration and EcuMExt Implementation
  • COM Ipdu control
  • Sleep / Wake-up handling
  • RDBID implementation

embedded software engineer, bridge software engineer

  • Bug fix and test for portable-type biosensor, which could make emergency call, measure and update location information or activity information.
  • Bug fix and new function develop for wristband-type biosensor which is capable for measuring and storing activity/conversation/UV/skin temperature/pulse information. Kinds of setting, data transfer by BLE or USB is also available.
  • Develop small-size 3G gateway to transmit data from biosensors to server.
  • Develop new generation wristband-type biosensor with new OLED screen and other advanced sensors.
  • Develop new generation gateway with Linux system, which support wifi and 4G.
  • As bridge software engineer, communicate between Japanese customer and Chinese develop team, manage project progress and provide technical support.

embedded software engineer

  • Building Unmanned Armed Systems.
  • Coordinating the armed system with cameras, sensors etc.
  • Debugging and Testing Safety-Critical Softwares.
  • Organized software architect through Military Software Standards.
  • Coordinated working with other engineer teams.